The environment is beyond beautiful! What an exceptionally beautiful space Shannon. Those are lucky children.
— Brenda McLean, grandmother of Lucy, who attends West Point Grey Academy.
Where do I start? I am so thankful to have such smart, strong, talented women support and teach my daughter from such a young age. Your love and support towards Shay and our family has been the best first year of school experience that I could have ever dreamed of.
— The Jandas.
Thank you again for all that you have done for Owen over the last two years. His transformation from Sept 2014 to now is remarkable and you will always be a part of that.
— Kimberley Harvey, mother of Owen, and director at York House School.
Mme Bourbonnais, Its been a very long time, so hopefully you remember me from YHS. I just wanted to say hello. I’m so happy to see that you are still teaching (at your own school!), as you remain one of my most memorable and patient teachers to date.
— Melissa da Silva, whom I taught in Grade 11 at York House in 2002-2003.
Just a quick note to tell you that the locals have been commenting on what wonderful French the boys have-both Frazer and Spencer..you should be proud!
— Paula Mohammed, mother of Spencer and Frazer, who both attended my Preschool, and who now attend Jules Quenel French Immersion School.
Shannon, you know this is basically tragic for me that all my kids are now too old for LPE. I can’t even tell you how much we will miss it! I’m sending them to your camps until they go to university..FYI :)
— Caitlin Woodward, mother of Cecily, Samantha and Sloane, who attend Crofton House School
Thanks for your incredible passion, patience and support that was given to Nathan. We can feel how much he misses you even after regular school days. That means a lot to him and us.
— Melanie & Lawrence, parents of Nathan, who attends Saint Georges School.
Shannon, You are absolutely wonderful! I forwarded your email to Andrew and he asked if you run a Kindergarten that we could send Lily to next year! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.
— Golnaz, mother of Lily, who now attends York House School.
I want to thank you again for such a great two day workshop. Your passion, enthusiasm, and expertise were appreciated. What a great way to learn, having you as a model for us.
— C. Young, teacher in Merritt.
Shannon, This has been hands down the best program that Alexander has ever attended. Your commitment to baking and cooking healthy treats was so appreciated. He can’t wait for the next cooking camp and a huge merci!
— Tara Parker Tait, mom of Alexander.
Madeleine was thrilled with her first French lesson with you, so thank you for all that you did to accommodate her needs. I thought you might like to see this response from Madeleine: “Please tell her that I LOVE French class, and that it is a great fit for me!”
— Miranda Deis, mother of Madeleine, who as a high school student, attended my After School French Program.
We feel that Leighton’s experience at La petite école with you has provided such a positive early educational experience for her..Thank you again!
— Paige, mother of Leighton who is now in JK at Crofton House School.
Sofia was thrilled, all smiles as she came out and kept telling me how she loved her new French class and would go every day...I am so impressed with your approach and the space too-so bright and happy, even on such a rainy day.
— Smiljka, mother of Sofia, who attended my After School French Program.
Dear Madame Bourbonnais, We would like to thank you for being the best “first teacher” that Kalla could have asked for. We will cherish the songs, the artwork, and the all the photos you send us.
— Nicole and Eric, parents of Kalla, who now attends Francophone School.
Dominique really enjoys your class and looks forward to it every week. She even chooses to read French books now for her daily reading homework.
— Hildegarde, mom of Dominque who attends York House School.
Shannon, thanks so much for your energy and expertise that you have shown with our district. I look forward to working with you in the future.
— S. Petrucci, Assistant Superintendent SD60.
I thought you’d be interested to know that yesterday, totally unprompted, Tess said that French club makes all the difference in her French ability. She wants to do club next year too, and hopes you’ll let her volunteer when she’s at high school.
— Sandy Lloyd, mother of Tess who attends York House School.
Thank you so much for your brilliant efforts yesterday! We are so fortunate to have you and your school in our lives!
— Cheryl, mom of Gregor who attended my Preschool and who now attends Jules Quesnel French Immersion School.